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R Blends Activities

R Blends Activities

Created by Resource Ranch
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Activities, Centers


Phonics, Reading, Reading Strategies

These clip cards are perfect activities for independent literacy centers! They can be used when introducing, practicing, or reviewing blends. Students will use clothespins to clip the correct answer choice on the right side of the cards. This set includes words that begin with br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, and tr.

What skills are covered in this resource?

This first set of clip cards focuses on beginning blend discrimination. Students will identify the blend pictured and choose between three answer choices. The second set offers practice reading words that begin with consonant blends. Students will read two words and choose which best matches the picture given.

How many blends will students be practicing?

Students have the opportunity to practice the same 92 R blends in each format, so you can choose the one that best meets the needs of individual students or use for both instruction and review.

That is a lot of cards! Do I have to use them all?

The cards were intentionally left unnumbered or lettered to allow teachers to choose those at the difficulty level most appropriate for their students. You may choose to focus on a particular set with your whole class or separate them to match ability level of reading groups to differentiate centers. You can also choose to divide your cards and use multiple times throughout the year.

Do I have to print them in color?

No, all 184 cards are provided in color and line art.

Is there a recording sheet included?

Due to the large number of cards and the opportunity to use them in multiple ways, it is impossible to create one recording sheet. For the picture cards, you can ask students to record the picture word and blend they chose for each. For the word cards, you may want to have students write sentences with their answer choices. Another option is to make the cards self-correcting.

How do I make the cards self-correcting?

Place a dot, stamp, or sticker on the back of the box with the correct answer on each card to make them self-correcting. *You will want to do this step before you laminate.

How do I make my cards lasts as long as possible?

To improve durability and longevity, I suggest copying or printing on card stock. After cutting, laminate and cut again. The extra steps will take a little more time but will save you needing to replace cards frequently.

My students love clip cards! Do you have more?

Yes! You can find a variety of math and literacy clip cards in my store including those for phonics skills, counting, money, addition, and subtraction practice.

3 reviews
    Celeste Cuevas - The Education Highway
    22 Jul 2023
    Quick and easy way to set up R blend activities for my students. It was fun and engaging. Loved it.
    Susan Land
    22 Jul 2023
    A fun station activity to practice skills!
    Laura D.
    22 Jul 2023
    My students love these clip cards during center time! Thank you! :-)