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S Blends Sentence Building with Differentiated Worksheets

S Blends Sentence Building with Differentiated Worksheets

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Grammar, Reading, Writing

Engage your students while working on sentence building skills! With this resource your students will work on building phonics and sight-word based sentences. After building each sentence they can complete a worksheet to show their understanding. This center will be a staple in your literacy stations!

What are Sentence Solvers?

Sentence Solvers is a unique sentence building resource that helps your students work on several skills at once. Students begin by placing six words in order to create a sentence. Then they can complete one of three worksheets to show their understanding. The worksheets have a variety of skills such as tracing the sentence, drawing a matching picture, describing a picture, or creating their own picture to write about.

Do I have to use the manipulative cards?

No, the worksheets can be used independently from the sentence cards.

Is this resource differentiated?

Yes! There are three worksheet options for each sentence.

Level One: Students cut, glue, trace, and write the sentence. Then they draw a picture to match the sentence.

Level Two: Students cut, glue, and write the sentence. Then they write an additional sentence to match the picture.

Level Three: Students add three details to the picture and color using five colors. Then they trace the sentence and write an additional sentence about their drawing.

How will I know which word cards go together?

There are six word cards for each sentence, along with an optional self-checking card that states the entire sentence. On each card there is a picture. These pictures help keep the correct cards together. For example, there are six word cards with a scooter – all of these cards go together to create one sentence. The matching sentence card for self-check also includes the scooter picture.

How are these different from other sentence building centers?

Most activities like this simply have students cut and paste a scrambled sentence in the correct order and draw a matching a picture. The differentiated worksheets allow you to target specific skills with different students.

Will my students be able to read all the words?

Most of the words used are sight words or decodable words. For many of the sentences, if there is a non-decodable word in the sentence it will be picture on the sentence card. For example in the sentence “There will be a big storm.”, the picture on the word cards is a storm cloud. The remaining words in the sentence are all sight words. Take a look at the sentences included to see if they are appropriate for your students.

What are the sentences used?

My mom made me a scarf.

I will have one scoop please.

My red scooter can go fast.

We will skate at the rink.

She will ski down the hill.

A skunk lives in the woods.

Our dog likes the small ball.

I will smile for the picture.

Does that cherry pie smell good?

A snail was on the leaf.

Cover your nose when you sneeze.

I snore just like my puppy.

Mom will wipe up the spill.

We eat soup with a spoon.

He has a cow with spots.

My purple shirt has a stain.

We will have stew for lunch.

There will be a big storm.

Tom can sweep in the kitchen.

We swim together in the pool.

It is fun to swing outside.

Are these similar to your Draw in the Details worksheets?

The level three worksheet is most like my Draw in the Details series. Students begin by adding details to a picture. Then they use the picture they have created to write a few sentences.

Do you have more centers like this?

Yes, you can see the other Sentence Solvers centers here.