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Subtraction within 20 Spring Pocket Chart Activities

Subtraction within 20 Spring Pocket Chart Activities

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Arithmetic, Mental Math, Spring

Pocket charts are a staple resource in primary classrooms. Are you putting yours to good use? Pocket charts can be used to introduce, practice, or review several skills and subjects. A fantastic use of these charts is for center or station work.

Use these subtraction pocket chart cards to create a fun, engaging center that your students will love to return to again and again! Simply print, cut, and laminate to get started.

What skills can my students work on?

This resource comes with subtraction problems from 0 to 20 in nine themes. Each theme is broken into two sections: subtraction within 10 and subtraction within 20. You can print a full theme or just the types of problems your students need to work on.

What themes are included?

The spring edition of the subtraction pocket chart cards comes with three themes for each month of spring. However, you can mix and match most of the themes throughout the entire season. This pack includes the following themes:

☘ leprechauns

☘ basketball

☘ birds

☂ rain

☂ baseball

☂ Earth Day

❀ flowers

❀ Mother’s Day

❀ Cinco de Mayo

What exactly will students do with this center?

Students will match the beginning of a subtraction sentence to the correct difference. You can choose the variety and amount of problems the students work on.

I can’t print in color. Do you have this in black and white?

Yes! You can choose to print each theme in color or black and white.

How can I use this resource to differentiate my math centers and meet the needs of my students?

There are several ways you can differentiate this resource to meet the needs of your students. Here are a few suggestions.

✅ Print one theme in black and white on different colors of paper. Assign each group of students a color and have them work a specific set of problems.

✅ Print the cards in multiple themes and assign each theme to a group of students. Each theme can focus on a different skill set.

Is there a recording sheet included?

To keep this resource as versatile as possible there is not a recording sheet or matching worksheet included. However, there are many ways you can hold students accountable for their work while working with the pocket chart. They can:

✅ use a device to take a picture of their completed pocket chart

✅ write down a selection or all of the problems they completed

✅ use the subtraction problems they completed to create a word problem

I love the idea of this center, but we don’t focus on subtraction in the spring. Do you have any other sets available?

At this time, this is the only set available. If you would like to see more seasonal or non-seasonal themes, please let me know. However, if you are not focusing on subtraction during the spring, you can always use this resource as an early finisher activity to help students review and work on fact fluency.

I don’t have a pocket chart! Can I still use this resource?

Absolutely! Your students can use this like any other center.

3 reviews
    Having Fun in Grade 1
    09 Jul 2023
    This was a great activity for small group and centers. So excited about this purchase!
    Jody C.
    09 Jul 2023
    My students loved these pocket chart activities! They can't wait for the next one! Thanks!
    Resource Ranch
    09 Jul 2023
    This set is amazing! It is a perfect low-prep center for the ENTIRE spring! The pictures are cute and will help students not to get bored with necessary but repetitive practice. Thanks for including both color and black & white versions too.