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Where’s the Spider? Alphabet Game for Halloween

Where’s the Spider? Alphabet Game for Halloween

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Games, Activities, Centers


Autumn, Halloween, Phonics

Where is the spider? This Halloween alphabet game is great for students who are practicing letter sounds or letter recognition. This game can be used in a pocket chart or on a table top for a Preschool, Pre-k or Kindergarten classroom.

Ways to Use

  • small group game
  • whole class game
  • circle time game
  • student led literacy center
  • one on one instruction to target specific letters for struggling students

How to Play

Where’s the Spider? is a game for centers or whole group instruction where a spider is hidden behind a web. A poem is chanted where the student(s) must say the letter they think the spider is behind. Once guessed, the letter is removed. If the spider is behind the web, then the spider must be hidden again to play further. If the spider is not behind the web, then the poem is chanted again and a new letter is guessed. This game has letters in both capital and lowercase forms.

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2 reviews
    Heather Mullinax
    15 Jul 2023
    My students loved this resource. They were engaged.
    Melissa C.
    15 Jul 2023
    Just in time for Halloween, thank you!